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Sace – Hobart

Sace – Hobart
Sace – Hobart
Sace – Hobart
Sace – Hobart

Situated in a three storey heritage mansion, SACE Hobart’s charming renovated classrooms, self access / computer centre and a student kitchen and common room reflect the warm friendly atmosphere of this former family mansion.
SACE Hobart campus has a large treed garden, some trees are over 100 years old. In summer students enjoy “English in the Garden”. SACE Hobart Summer Garden classrooms offer a relaxing and wonderful environmental learning experience.
Students have access to their own kitchen, complete with fridge and microwaves, as well as a Student Common Room.
A weekly update of jobs available in Hobart is posted on the student noticeboard each week.

Offered Courses

Cambridge Preparation
English for Professionals
General English
IELTS Preparation

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